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The main focus of curriculum for the Infant through three year old
classrooms is broken down in to the following categories:
Language, Social/Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical. Lesson
plans for these classrooms follow, and are tracked, using these
categories as defined by the Georgia Early Learning Standards.
Examples of these activities range from simple steps like getting
plenty of sleep at nap time, eating healthy meals, and getting lots
of movement and exercise, to more advanced concepts such as
the beginning of math and literacy fundamentals. Winnford
was awarded the prestigious 2018 Georgia Literacy and Language
Grant from the State of Georgia giving Winnford and enhanced
ability to focus on literacy and communication curriculum for
students two and under.

Winnford is proud to offer two Georgia Pre-Kindergarten classes.
These classes focus on preparing students for the exciting
transition to elementary school Kindergarten. Curriculum
development for these classes continue to follow the Georgia
Early Development Standards.

The Winnford Elementary After-School Program serves a number of
elementary schools in South Hall, Buford, and Gwinnett school
districts. Students are transported to Winnford, have an opportunity
to complete their homework, get some down time playing outside
and in the classroom with their friends, have a healthy snack, and
also engage in structured activities that continue their learning




Winnford Academy is proud to have earned the Quality Rated mark of
quality for early childhood education programs in Georgia. Quality Rated
indicates that our program goes above and beyond licensing compliance
to support young children.

Design & Maintenance by Connex Strategy & Three Vistas partnership.