Greetings and a very warm welcome to Winnford Academy: We are happy to have you
visiting our web site and hope that we can answer many of your questions here. Since 2006,
Winnford Academy has provided top ranked educational child care for the Flowery Branch.
As of June, 2018 Winnford was the only State of Georgia Quality Rated private school with a
three star accreditation level in Hall County.

However, we encourage you to call us with any additional questions or schedule a visit
with one of our supportive and helpful staff. We know how important it is to find just
the right place for your child to spend his or her time learning, playing and growing.

Winnford Academy is the newest, state-of-the-art school to open in the Flowery Branch
community. We know that keeping your child close to home, in or near your own
community is important to you and helps your child experience a more natural connection
to his or her sense of security and comfort.

For all of us as parents, the first five years of our children’s lives are extremely important
developmentally, as brain research continues to demonstrate. We know that the quality
of home life we provide and the quality of learning and playtime we provide (at home
and at schools) lay the foundation for the quality of growth our children experience.

As professional educators, we have carefully designed unique, individualized approaches to
learning for your child. Step inside our program to read more about what we have created as
we offer opportunities for children to Learn, Play, and Grow.

5796 Hog Mountain Rd.
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Welcome to Winnford Academy


Winnford Academy is proud to have earned the Quality Rated mark of
quality for early childhood education programs in Georgia. Quality Rated
indicates that our program goes above and beyond licensing compliance
to support young children.

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